Monday, June 26, 2017

The Port Authority are such dicks

Yes, DICKS. If you want the NYT you can find that here.

Ah, the Port Authority. They have bazillions of our tax dollars for tons of unnecessary overtime for nonsense details but one to actually do right by the paying public? Shuh, right.

Of course we're talking about the PATH elevator at Columbus and Grove St. You'd think one of the more popular PATH stops would have an elevator but no. Since the Grove St. stop opened in 2005 it's never had one. Again you'd think an entity with billions of dollars would put one in but nyah nyah, they said they don't have to. No, that's pretty much how it came out:

Weisman's group and Heightened Independence and Progress, Inc. sued the Port Authority in 2007, alleging the Port Authority, by not including an entrance for people in wheelchairs, violated state and federal laws requiring access for the disabled.

The Port Authority responded by arguing that the plaintiffs filed their lawsuit too late and that the agency does not have to comply with "unilaterally enacted state laws." A federal judge in September 2011 ordered the Port Authority to make the station wheelchair-accessible.

No, waaaay. You asked too late. Nope. Bzzzt. So not listening, talk to the hand. Well then you filed too late AND we don't have to listen to your stupid state laws, we can do as we wish. Right, until a judge says get your ass moving.

But did the Port Authority get moving? Of course not, they're a bunch of petulant idiots. Why would they? They came out with ridiculous excuses for why the new elevator took two years to build. They only worked at non-peak as not to interrupt the PATH service. Oh pull this one it plays Jingle Bells. Your elevators and escalators are broken all over the system for days and you're fine with that. Next up, and imagine the area around the Grove St. PATH over by the GNC/Subway side. The Port Authority said they had to limit night work as that's a --- residential area. The only residential area is stories up across a busy street. More crapola. They could have had this done much much sooner, but it would seem they were just pouting outloud.

There but for the grace of god go I, yes Port Authority? Be thankful every day you can use the stairs and escalators and try to stop being such dicks all the time.

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