Thursday, June 8, 2017

Johnny's been following the fiery crash

Ever since the night it happened (remember, Johnny has a listening station and can hear anyone anytime) he's been following and letting things play out vs what was first reported. He knew he didn't want to write a big story after he heard excellent Jersey Journal reporter Caitlin Mota report the JCPD weren't exactly being forthcoming with how the chase started and how it wound through the streets. He smelled something bad. Then came the punitive claw-back of new JCPD SUV's from those involved with the crash. Then came the kicking video. Then today Mayor Fulop really took a stand for what we believe is right. We have our differences with the mayor but we back him 100% on this.

We're going to have whole write up now that the facts have played out and Johnny really has a full plate to work with. It's really not going to be pretty for the JCPD.

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