Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another murder in Jersey City last night -- UPDATED

Wasn't it just yesterday that Jersey City Chief of Police Tom Comey was saying how the FBI was interpreting Jersey City's violent crime statistics wrong and making us (the city, the police chief, the police and the mayor) look bad? Can't misinterpret this one Chief.

An unidentified person was shot in his SUV where he was sitting with friends last night at Bidwell Avenue near Martin Luther King Drive. A man approached the vehicle to rob the people in it and the victim was then shot in the chest. The victim was taken to Jersey City Medical Center where he was pronounced dead at 1:15 am.

When you click the link and read the story one thing you'll notice is that any big crime that happens in Jersey City involving a resident is never commented on by Chief Comey or Mayor Healy. You'll only see Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio make a statement.

If we don't talk about it, it never happened, eh boys?

Maybe the Mayor's Spokesperson Jennifer Morrill will have a comment for us on how well the computerized system of cutting down on crime in Jersey City is working later today along with a cost effectiveness break down.

Don't hold your breath.

UPDATE 4:48 pm: The victim's name is Anthony Adams and he is a U.S. Marine who had served his country in Iraq. What a heinous loss. Police are looking for Earl Austin who is 20 years old and lives on Bartholdi Avenue. If you know where Earl can be found please call police. He is considered armed and dangerous. Of course if citizens were to catch and disarm him and were to say tie him up by his belt loops to a flagpole and play pinata we'd be OK with that outcome too. Corporal Adams leaves behind a mother, sister and pregnant girlfriend.

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