Saturday, November 3, 2012

Gas rationing is now the new rule here in New Jersey......for now

And the way it is being done is pretty simple to use. If you have a license plate ending with an EVEN number you can gas up on EVEN numbered days. If you have an ODD number at the end of your license plate you may fill up on ODD numbered days.

But Johnny, I'm confused, my license plate ends in a 0. Well then citizen, while 0 times any other number equals 0, you fill up on EVEN numbered days.

But Johnny, I have a personalized plate, mine reads "JRSYSHR" so what do I do? You friend are to fill up on ODD numbered days (That's not a commentary on your choice of vanity plates).

But Johnny, I just walked up to the station with a couple gas cans to try and run my generator because it's getting nippy out there. When can I fill up? Well if you are a walk-up customer you don't have ANY restrictions. You can simply walk up any time and fill up.

This is an executive order from Governor Christie and you might want to follow orders folks, crossing the Guv would most likely be a very bad idea about now.

The order goes into effect at noon today for 12 counties (Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Morris, Monmouth, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex, Union and Warren).

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