Friday, November 9, 2012

Here's the list of the companies being sued by the State of New Jersey for price gouging during Hurricane Sandy

Now, these are allegations. The lawsuits are an accusation. Nothing is proven. Then again these things rarely seem to ever get prosecuted and it is nice the state is taking action against these alleged vampires. Keep a close eye on this case and make double note of the businesses involved. Oh, and we're not buying a no contest plea where someone agrees to pay X amount of penalty with no admission of guilt. Maybe legally perhaps but we here in the real world know what a plea like that means.

The companies are Kistruga Inc. in Paterson; C.S. George and Sons in Clifton; Alen Service Corp. in Newark; Vinny Fuel Corporation in Bloomfield; Perth Amboy NJPO; S&D LLC in Lyndhurst; Couto and Sons in Newark; and Ratana Hospitality Group (Howard Johnson) in Parsippany.

Here are the seven gas stations and one hotel accused of price gouging, along with the alleged markup amount:
• Lukoil - 253 McBride Ave., Paterson (59 percent)

• George's Gulf - 387 Crocks Ave., Clifton (34 percent)

• Lukoil - 335 McCarter Highway, Newark (31 percent)

• Delta - 141 Bloomfield Ave., Bloomfield (25 percent)

• BP - 163 Fayette St., Perth Amboy (33 percent)

• Exxon - 555 Riverside Ave., Lyndhurst (21 percent)

• Sunoco - 69 Wilson Ave., Newark (17 percent)

• Howard Johnson Express - 625 Rt. 46 E, Parsippany (32 percent)

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