Sunday, November 25, 2012

PATH Updates: Exchange Place and WTC are back on line tomorrow

Again, limited hours for Exchange Place and the WTC stops, 5am til 10pm just like the other stops when they started back up. Also of note, 9th St. and Christopher St. stops will be allowing normal traffic beginning tomorrow.

So, the only PATH station/stop not running is Hoboken. We have no word on when it will be back up. The Port Authority is still doing their best imitation of a dead person when it comes to giving information. The announcement of the WTC, Exchange Place and the 9th and Christopher St. updates were made by Governors Christie and Cuomo. So it would appear Hoboken is cut off from the rest of the world for another week or so. Somebody at the Port Authority needs to see the back of the unemployment line after this. ALL the other stations are back up and running. Hoboken? Not so much. No word, no update. Why does the Port Authority even bother with a Twitter account to update riders? They have 3 posts in the last 9 days.

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