Friday, November 23, 2012

Johnny's break-up letter to the Duane Reade Pharmacy

Dear Duane Reade/Walgreens,

Strike three. Three times in the last month you have been handed a prescription from Johnny, prescriptions he is told by his doctor aren't all that uncommon. In fact the last prescription he got on Wednesday he specifically asked his doctor if Duane Reade should have this particular drug onhand. He assured Johnny they should. "It's pretty common."

Fast forward to today. Bzzzzzzt. Nope, "We don't have that in stock, come back Monday after 2pm." Isn't that special? A med to help with pain and discomfort, just come back Monday, MONDAY after 2pm. This is the third time in the span of about a month he's been told to, like in the Wizard of Oz, "Go away and come back tomorrow." Or in this case come back next week.

So Duane Reade and your new paymasters at Walgreens, this was it. Johnny will happily find a new pharmacy. You obviously can't handle the needs of the community pharmacy-wise, so a new pharmacy is needed. He can't wait three days for his meds. Nobody should have to.

One more note for the folks at DR, this also means Johnny will stop at a local bodega for chips and what not on those nights he gets off the PATH and he needs chips or some bread or a beverage. He'll choose to pay more at a local business because after Monday, Duane Reade is persona non-gratis. If you can't uphold your most basic store tenet don't expect Johnny to do it either.

Vaya con Dios Duane Reade.


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