Friday, November 2, 2012

Shame on Mayor Bloomberg for insisting the NY Marathon go on as planned -- UPDATED

It starts in Staten Island. Devastated Staten Island, where near as we can tell Mayor Bloomberg hasn't even been to yet. They are still pulling bodies from homes near the start of the race and you want to run it? Disgraceful, or as the New York Post said "An abuse of power." People on SI have nothing. Nothing, there are thousands of new homeless people and many dead yet to be discovered. So let's kick people out of hotels who have nothing for runners. Let's move police around to protect the runners and not work corners in Staten Island. Bloomie was just on television saying NO police or emergency responders would be taken off the job. Horseshit. If you have EXTRA cops or EMS people working the marathon you should send those PUBLIC EMPLOYEES to work on SI, not the race. So YES, they WILL be taken away from the rescue effort.

Here's another thing angering Johnny, read this and we'll get back to it below:

The New York Road Runners, which organizes the marathon, said the event will bring $340 million to the city. The club also announced on Thursday that it will donate at least $1 million, or $26.20 for each of the more than 40,000 runners expected to participate, to aid New Yorkers affected by Sandy. 
The Rudin Family, one of the founding members of the marathon, said it would donate $1.1 million and the ING Foundation said it would give $500,000. 

WHY is your large donation CONTINGENT on whether or not your precious road race is run? If you want to help, truly help devastated Americans JUST GIVE THE MONEY WITHOUT STRINGS!! How gauche to put strings on it.

Running this race (which could easily be rescheduled til a week or two from now -- TOO BAD for those already here from all over the globe. We're dealing with some serious shit right now and simply can't cater to your desire to run 26.2 miles through our devastation. Try to 2013 NYC Marathon, we'll all be better by then.

There are those in Staten Island threatening to disrupt the race and for once, we really understand why they would and in some cases SHOULD. Take notice Mayor, when people who have nothing left to lose take up a cause, YOU have a problem.

UPDATE -- As you have no doubt heard the marathon has been canceled on Sunday. It was really only the decent call. Mayor Bloomberg mentioned it was not drawing resources away from the cleanup. The news helicopters showing dozens of generators being used to run a VIP runner tent in Central Park to feed the runners a high carb pasta dinner and at other various points along the route told a different story. As did police setting up barricades. As did a late call for retired NYPD officers work the marathon. It was pointed out one of those generators can power 400 homes. You do the math. We know people trained hard. Johnny could never hope to run a marathon on his best day. These are all special athletes. This one time, we have more important things to task ourselves with. This isn't like 9/11 at all where things were much more confined. And Mr. Bloomberg, stop mentioning this being about business and sponsors and million dollar deals. Again, this one time all that can wait. Of course there is an economy to get running but people need a few days to know they are the sole focus. The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade will be the finest in the world and show off everyone the NYC can-do-spirit. Everyone will have power and people will have warm places to sleep not exposed to nature. New Year's Eve will be even bigger. And Donald Trump's hair will be wintering in Florida.

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