Tuesday, November 27, 2012

See Spot Rescued is having an adoption event this upcoming Saturday

And what goes better with the Holiday season that a warm puppy? Or a wonderful older pup who is just aces with kids and families? Our friends at See Spot Rescued are holding an adoption event this upcoming Saturday at K9dergarten at 173 Newark Ave. from 12-4.

See Spot Rescued has a wonderful selection of great dogs looking for a forever home. If you follow this link to their Facebook page you can see some of the great pooches ready for adoption. The dogs come spayed or neutered and are microchipped and up to date on vaccinations. How does Johnny know this? He adopted his Game of Thrones dire wolf from SSR (well OK they'd probably get upset with Johnny saying they have actual dire wolves for adoption so let's just say a small dire wolf lookalike). You will be AMAZED at how cute these pups are. Johnny never misses a chance to tell people when they comment how cute his dog is that he got her from See Spot Rescued. People seem surprised that it's not a dog with three legs or cut up from dogfighting. NO, these pups are cute and loving and wonderful.

They just need you.

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