Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Johnny can smell a confidence game being run a mile away

And he's pretty darned sure he read about one yesterday. Mayor Healy was out with the news his internal polling (not to be released, only for their eyes, but you sure can hear about it) shows them with an incredible 14 point lead over Jersey City councilman Steve Fulop who will be challenging the mayor next May.

14 points? Really? In this city? Was this polling done after Hurricane Sandy? After crime runs rampant? After his deputy mayor and others close to him were arrested, found guilty of felonies and sent to the hoosegow? 14 point lead our ass.

Ya know, Johnny just got done telling a lot of friends that Mitt Romney was pulling this. "Hey look at us, we have numbers that say we're WAAAAAY ahead. We're winning by so much why even hold an election? We're so far ahead it's over NOW." Trouble for Romney this obviously wasn't true. It normally never is. It's a ruse, an old confidence game. The Healy campaign EXPECTS all the news media to talk his numbers up. They pass them out and encourage the local media to report it as if it were true and the people to read or see the news think "Wow, now there's a winner, why would I support Steve Fulop OR send him money?" It's a confidence game, especially this far off from the election.

When we se these numbers from an independent polling outfit, we'll write an article saying so, til then...

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