Friday, February 1, 2013

Former NYC Mayor the honorable Ed Koch has passed away

Now Johnny wasn't living in NYC during the 1978-1989 era of Koch. He wished he did when the punk scene broke out but alas, Johnny had parents who said he wasn't go to live in NYC at the age of 16 on his own but we digress. Koch was a three term mayor who led the city out of bankruptcy and into a more modern era or restored housing, a tremendous burgeoning art scene throughout the 80's and all with a smile and a "How'm I doin'?" for voters. Koch was one of if not the first mayors to draw on an entirely new way of getting elected mayor of NYC by moving to the center.

Rest in peace Mr. Koch. Maybe one day Mayor Bloomberg will get his wish and the Queensboro Bridge will one day bear your name. Koch was 88.

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