Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Oh, were you waiting for a story or something?

Sorry, it's a UEFA Champions League match day which gets Johnny all caught up in other matters.

Mayor Healy has filled out his ticket for the May elections, tapping the owner of the Light Rail CafĂ©, Jermaine Robinson. Robinson said he wanted to give back locally:

“While some local leaders might care more about Wall Street, I understand first-hand the struggles of my fellow small-business owners and will always have their back.”

Wall Street? Aren't Goldman Sachs and few other heavy hitters from Wall Street located in Jersey City in some capacity, the area you want to give back to? Jermaine we know you meant the Fulop fellow but leave the slagging of the financial houses to local sandpaper like Johnny, or you might just wind up representing the people you just said you cared a little less about.

Robinson's candidacy brought out a response from Fulop's candidate for Ward F Diane Coleman, the kind of steely response one can only get from political-speak-in-a-press-release:

"While I haven't seen this gentleman anywhere in the Ward F community or even heard of him in my 13 years of service, I know Steven Fulop, a former Marine, is fighting for my neighborhood everyday."

Except Diane, Mr. Robinson isn't running against Councilman Fulop, you are. Are you a former Marine out fighting for our neighborhood everyday? Certainly 13 years of service mean you could point out your own accomplishments. That'd be better in our opinion.

As we mentioned this rounds out the Healy ticket which also includes at-large candidates Councilman Peter Brennan, Councilwoman Viola Richardson and former mayoral aide Omar Perez; former schools superintendent Charles T. Epps. Jr. in Ward A; county worker Jerry Meyers in Ward B; business analyst Janet Chevres in Ward C; the Rev. Mario Gonzales in Ward D; and activist Dan Levin in Ward E; and Jerry Mathers, as The Beaver.

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