Friday, February 8, 2013

The official Jersey City website says Leonard Gordon Park has the best sledding in Jersey City

Let's put that statement to the test. Jersey City, we're about to have two and a half days of snow and fun. There's no excuse not to get those sleds and toboggans out and and really see if "Mosquito Park" is the best sledding in Jersey City. This is where you all chime in. Have you been there? Is it all that? Do you have a better place in mind? Do you prefer a saucer or something with control?

Johnny adored sledding growing up. The big hill you HAD to ride was in the Mulberry Hills and it had the intimidating name, "Death Hill". It was steep and in order to make a tough left hand slide you had to maneuver around a nice dangerous rock. Many a noob from Glass Rd. left DNA on it while the Fay Rd. Syndicate just coasted on by. If you made it past the rock and got the left alley you could cover a fast hundred yards onto Lake Louise.

So send us those pictures and we'll post them all up in here, the Jersey City Desk Ski Lodge, where you can tell tales of the blizzard, share pictures and relax in the Orbit Room.

Leonard Gordon Park (JFK Blvd. and Manhattan Ave.), because you can see Secaucus from there...

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