Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hey New Jersey, that sound you hear is New York City deflating

The air has been let out of New Yorker's long-held belief that THEY were Gotham in the Batman story. Cottage industries have been built on the belief they are where Batman lives.


News this morning breaks that in FACT Batman lives in New Jersey and folks that comes from The DC Comics Wiki and here and here that Gotham City is in NEW JERSEY.

Listen, listen, can you hear the wails? Sounds like a few dead-enders too, "No way, it's still here despite the facts and um, SHUT UP!" The tears, they are delicious.

So, The Batcave, Wayne Enterprises and all that is Batman now joins the Statue of Liberty in the "Things in New Jersey coveted rather rudely by New Yorkers" column. Only one way to end this post.

Hey New York:

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