Thursday, February 21, 2013

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg endorses Jerramiah Healy

In a high profile if not expected endorsement, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has endorsed Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy in his re-election bid. Said Mayor Mike:

“Mayor Healy has been an excellent partner in the effort to eliminate the scourge of illegal guns and he has been a thoughtful leader on economic development and environmental issues that are so important to our region,” Bloomberg said. “America needs mayors like Jerramiah Healy and he has earned another four years to keep the progress going in Jersey City.”

Healy is a founding member on Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns lobbying organization.

So, it's a big bright firework that lights up the news cycle for a night or two but it remains to be seen if it can start tipping the scales in this race.

Just a stray thought. Come later this year the cross Hudson mayors could be Steve Fulop and Countess Chocula. It's been Healy n Bloomie forever.

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