Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ward F Councilwoman Diane Coleman just isn't all that intelligent

Which probably means the entire Fulop ticket isn't all that intelligent. Whoa, hey, we were only kidding, just like Ward F Councilwoman Diane Coleman when she said that 'everyone' in her ward, Ward F, had a criminal record.

WOW. Again for emphasis, WOW. And you're running on Steve Fulop's ticket talking shit like that? You not only offended Viola Richardson who represented Ward F for over ten years before becoming an at-large Councilwoman but the entire ward. What are people waking up reading this story going to think? That you Diane have their best interests at heart when you write them ALL off as criminals?

Steve Fulop, what do YOU have to say? She's running on YOUR ticket. What are your thoughts on Ward F Steve? Do you agree with your candidate or do you reject her comments outright? Words we don't want to hear from your campaign are "misspoke", "taken out of context" or "misinterpreted".

Here is the back and forth between Coleman and Richardson:

Coleman’s joke came as the council discussed a federally funded jobs program up for approval at its meeting tomorrow. Keith Davis, who runs a jobs program that works with the city, told the council that applicants with a criminal history are prohibited from applying for the program.

“So that means everybody in Ward F,” Coleman said before laughing.

"No, it does not. No, it does not,” Richardson shot back as a handful of people in attendance groaned.

"I'm only kidding," Coleman responded.

"There's a whole lot of folks who do not have a record --" Richardson started to say, before Coleman interrupted, saying, "And they're probably already working or whatever."

Richardson replied, "No, there are a lot of people who are unemployed in Ward F who do not have a record."

Sorry, you weren't KIDDING. Kidding is supposed to make people laugh or be some kind of engaging joke. What you just did Kitten was to slap your entire Ward across the face. We're not sure which was more offensive, the comment they all have criminal records or when challenged RIGHTLY by Viola Richardson you cop to saying that the people who don't have records probably already have jobs. Whoa boy, thats just stupid. Diane do you read any kind of local news or national news to see what the job picture is like ESPECIALLY in urban areas? Do you keep up with current events? In your self proclaimed "13 years of service" have you paid no attention?

Diane Coleman ladies and gentlemen, and she wants your vote in May to keep representing the criminals in Ward F.

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