Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Johnny's an interloper and as we all know interlopers are liable to say craaaaazy things...

Craaaaazy things like "Hey, Freeholder Jeff Dublin, Johnny would like to see things from your point of view but he can't seem to get his head that far up his ass." WHOA, an unfortunate comment escapes from another person with interlopers disease.

Mr. Dublin takes a very dim view of what he calls, well here, here are his glorious words at the Mayor Healy re-election kickoff:

“This young man wants the title of the mayor but not the job of the mayor,” Healy said. “Get out to vote so that, as (Freeholder) Jeff Dublin said, Jersey City can remain for Jersey City, not some newcomers, some interlopers who don’t know the city, don’t care about the city, and want to use the city for their own personal ambitions.”

So, according to Freeholder Jeff Dublin, Johnny's an interloper as are a lot of the other unwashed, uneducated newcomers who might you know, ask questions about how the current model doesn't work. While some lucky townies may have latched onto all the government jobs (and Jeff did you know some people around here actually draw multiple government-related paychecks?), it's up to a lot of us noobs and yes, interlopers to work hard to further OUR personal ambitions all while paying for a shoddy product.

If we're pounding on your doors and calling you out and showing up at meetings to demand answers that shows we the people DO love and care about our city. That's the sound of America at work.

BTW Jeff, have a toast next Thanksgiving to "the interlopers," won't you?

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